An O-Arm for the O-R 
Shannon Downing 
Wednesday, 25 July 2012 

Surgeons at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center now have access to the O-Arm® Multidimensional Imaging System.  This non-invasive, open-air scanner has an O-shaped arm that surrounds the patient’s body while on the surgical table, providing the surgical team with real-time, intra-operative imaging of a patient's anatomy.

The high quality images produced by the system provide a large field-of-view in both two and three dimensions. Using these images, spine specialists can view the patient’s anatomy in the operative position, monitor the status of the surgery and confirm the precision of advanced surgical procedures before the patient leaves the operating room. As a result, patients may experience less invasive surgeries, faster recovery times and improved outcomes.

“Time is critical in the operating room,” said Candace Markwith, Sierra Vista CEO. “The O-Arm offers multidimensional images in about 30 seconds without having to move the patient from the operating table or the operating room.”

The O-arm® Surgical Imaging System is optimized for use in spine, orthopaedic and trauma-related surgeries. Sierra Vista is designated a United Healthcare Premium Surgical Spine Specialty Center.