The Future of Medicine is Now at Sierra Vista 
Ron Yukelson 
Monday, 16 August 2010 

New Teleneurology Capability Ensures Around the Clock Emergency Room Coverage for Stroke & Any Other Neurologic Emergency

One minute you’re fine and the next thing you know you’re not.  Suddenly, your vision becomes blurry, you start to slur your words and your face feels numb. Chances are you’re having a stroke. What do you do now? Call 911 immediately.

Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center announced today it has entered into an agreement with Specialists On Call to provide 24/7 teleneurology service to its Emergency Department.  This agreement guarantees that Sierra Vista’s patients suffering a stroke or any other neurologic emergency will have access to a Board Certified neurologist within 15 minutes day or night. The service launched earlier this month is Sierra Vista’s newest telemedicine program serving San Luis Obispo County.

Patients with symptoms of stroke or any other neurologic emergency at Sierra Vista will see and communicate with a neurologist in real time over a high definition video conferencing screen.  The neurologists are currently or formerly from academic medical centers and consult with the local ER physician, patient and their family, view patient medical information including images and recommend appropriate treatment.  For patients suffering from acute stroke, the timely intervention of these neurologists can mean the difference between recovery and possibly death.

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States and the number one cause of disability. Considering most neurologic emergencies and stroke patients’ full recovery are contingent upon timely and appropriate care immediate access to an emergency neurologist is paramount.

“We’re pleased to bring teleneurology to San Luis Obispo and partner with the premier center for neurosciences in the County,” said Dr. Joe Peterson, CEO of Specialists On Call. “We are zealots for clinical quality and as such our affiliated physicians practice evidenced-based medicine in full compliance with nationally accepted standards.  Our goal is to deliver the best medical care to the patients who need it most.  We look forward to working with Sierra Vista and serving its community”

Specialists On Call is the largest provider of teleneurology services in the country and the first private telemedicine company to earn The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.  Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center maintains the only neurosurgery program in San Luis Obispo County and is seeking to become the area’s only Joint Commission accredited stroke center.