Pediatric Services 

We realize that a hospital stay for your child can be a stressful and frightening experience. Our goal at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center is to make your child's stay as comfortable as possible. Our philosophy encourages family togetherness, with the belief that the family is a child's primary source of strength and support. We encourage you to participate in your child's care and welcome your questions and suggestions.

Sierra Vista houses the only dedicated pediatric unit in San Luis Obispo County.  This six-bed facility is fully licensed and certified by the California Department of Public Health, California Children's Services and the Joint Commission.

In our pediatric unit, we have age appropriate toys, books, videos and games to help keep your child entertained. Toys that are brought to the bedside will be replaced after they are thoroughly disinfected.



Our Team

At Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, our team of pediatric specialists is focused on providing our youngest patients with outstanding, individualized care. Our staff of pediatric nurses have specialized skills, knowledge and experience in the care of sick children and will care for your child 24 hours a day.

Other hospital support staff includes occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, dieticians and social workers. A child life specialist who is specifically trained to deal with children's reactions to their illness is also on staff and available to tend to the emotional needs of your child.

If you are anticipating a planned in patient or outpatient visit for your child, we encourage you and your family to visit our pediatric unit, meet the staff and learn what to expect upon your child's admission to the hospital.


Your child's care at Sierra Vista is often managed by a hospitalist who works closely with your family and referring physicians to determine the best course of treatment. Our pediatric hospitalists are board-certified in pediatric medicine with special skills, experience and interests in treating children who require hospitalization. They provide a constant point of contact for families and are available around the clock.



Patient Safety & Security

All Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center staff wear photo ID badges with the Sierra Vista logo. Whenever someone enters your child's room, check to see that they are wearing an ID badge (pediatric staff have pink at the bottom of their badges). If they do not have an ID badge, ask to see it. Do not allow your child to go with anyone who does not have an ID badge.

For the security of your infant or toddler, a special bracelet will be placed around your child's ankle. This bracelet is electronically activated and will sound an alarm if you child leaves the pediatric unit without permission. This alarm will activate the hospital's child protection system.

Nursing shifts change at 7am and 7pm. At these times, the in-coming nurses will introduce themselves. Other hospital staff you may come into contact with include housekeeping personnel and volunteers. Please call your nurse if you are unsure about the access of any of these staff members or are uncomfortable with any situation.

Crib Safety

Young children and babies are not allowed to share a bed with a parent or guardian. Children 3 years and younger will be placed in a crib. High-sided cribs are used for patients between the ages of 3 and 12 months and "bubble-top" cribs are used when a child up to 3 years old can stand.

If you would prefer your child to be in a regular bed, please let your nurse know. A crib waiver is required, along with the understanding that the parent will have to stay with and watch the child at all times.

For our patients' safety, all cribs and beds at Sierra Vista are equipped with safety rails. Be sure the safety rails are up and locked in place at all times. Never step away from or leave your child alone in any crib or bed with the safety rails down.

Going Home

State law requires all children under the age of 6, or weighing less than 60 pounds, be securely fastened in a car seat. All parents are asked to have a car seat available when their child is ready to go home.



Visitation & Meals

Parents are encouraged to help in the care of their child. Parents are not considered visitors and may stay around the clock. A bed or sleeper chair is provided for one parent to spend the night, should you desire.

Complimentary meals are served to the parent that is remaining with the child. Electric pumps are provided to breastfeeding mothers upon request.

Meal Times
Breakfast: 8am
Lunch: 12pm
Dinner: 6pm

Pediatric Subspecialty Center

Providing children and families access to some of the world's finest pediatric subspecialists in an environment that is close to home, the San Luis Obispo Pediatric Subspecialty Center serves patients throughout the Central Coast.

The Center is a partnership between Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and Specialty Medical Group (SMG), in affiliation with Children's Hospital Central California. In support of the region's pediatricians, family practice and obstetrical physicians, SMG's pediatric specialists provide care for newborns, children and adolescents with congenital, acquired and acute conditions. Pediatric subspecialties include: Cardiology, Endocrinology and Pulmonology.

Pediatric subspecialists from SMG see patients at Sierra Vista on the second Friday of every month. Referring physicians can schedule appointments for their patients through Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.