Sierra Vista Tumor Board 

In accordance with Commission on Cancer guidelines, Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center holds regular Tumor Board Conferences to provide a forum for physicians to evaluate and discuss patient cases and collectively determine proper courses of treatment.  Case presentations included a review of pertinent medical history, physical and laboratory findings, an overview of pathologic slides and radiological studies and discussion of therapeutic alternatives in the management of cancer. 

A special acknowledgement goes to the many physicians who participate in these cancer conferences:   

Tim Auran, MD Interventional Radiologist
Craig Canfield, MD Urologist
Brian DiCarlo, MD Oncologist
Gary Donath, MD Plastic Surgeon
Berry Foran, MD General Surgeon
James Hannah, MD Pathologist
Kurt Haupt, MD Gynecologist
Edwin Hayashi, MD General Surgeon
Howard Hayashi, MD General Surgeon
Stephen Holtzman, MD Radiologist
George Johnson, MD Gynecologist
Phillip Kissel, MD Neurosurgeon
Joseph Kuntze, MD Urologist
Daniel Lewis, MD  Oncologist
Joe Lillis, MD Dermatologist
James Longo, MD  Radiation Oncologist
Michael Malotte, MD Otolaryngologist
Lisa Molin, MD  Otolaryngologist
Erik Olson, MD Radiologist 
David Palchak, MD  Oncologist
Jaywant Parmar, MD Diagnostic Radiologist
Nancy Pawlik, MD General Surgeon
Donald Ramberg, MD Neurosurgeon
Michael Ryan, MD Pulmonologist
Harold Segal, MD Neurosurgeon 
Kota Shekar, MD Oncologist 
Mark Soll, MD Pulmonologist 
Thomas Spillane, MD Oncologist 
Jonathan Stella, MD Radiation Oncologist 
Robert Stewart, MD Otolaryngologist 
Stephen Tidik, MD General Surgeon 
Deborah Villa, MD  Oncologist