Hospital Café Boasts Sandwich Maker Extraordinaire 
Shannon Downing 
Sunday, 01 February 2009 
    She’s the best sandwich maker in the country, and you can find her and her delectable recipes right here at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center’s All Spice Café.
Margaux Sky and her mouth-watering sandwiches gained national attention a few years ago, when Oprah Winfrey proclaimed her the best sandwich maker in the entire country. After just one bite of Sky’s Chicken Curry Salad Sandwich on Spicy White Pepper Jack Bread, Oprah decided to tell the whole world about her rare find in a small San Luis Obispo café. 
    Sky, the then owner of The Art Café & Bakery says her little restaurant went from two employees to almost two dozen overnight.
“We had people coming in from all over the world asking for Oprah’s Special,” said Sky. “One group from Vietnam said they were visiting San Diego and decided to drive up to San Luis Obispo to have lunch at my café!” 
    After a year of working long hours and receiving more attention than she ever anticipated, Sky decided it was time to get back to the basics. She sold her café and began publication of her first cookbook, Beautiful Breads & Fabulous Fillings: The Best Sandwiches in America. 
    More then 140 recipes line the pages of her book, while full-color photographs and tempting titles provide a feast for the senses. To date, nearly forty-thousand copies of her book have sold.
    While never attending any formal cooking schools, Sky credits her father who instilled upon her a love of cooking at the very young age of four.
“My father wasn’t a baker by profession, he was a judge. But the two of us would get up on Saturday mornings and spend hours baking bread together…sometimes never even saying a word to one another,” said Sky. 
    Two of the recipes in her book are from her father, the butterscotch and lemon merange pies. In addition to sandwiches and desserts, the book also features salads, soups and signature sauces. 
    “I have a talent and I am very thankful for it,” said Sky. “Sometimes when you open your refrigerator you just have to use what you have and be creative.” 
    Sky began testing some of those creations on hospital staff, after she began working in the All Spice Café a year and a half ago. She says her most popular items on the menu include sweet butter muffins, green chili chicken stackers, chipotle chicken sandwiches, tuna salad and of course, the “O” Special.