Sierra Vista Awarded Seven CIGNA Quality & Centers of Excellence Designations 
Ron Yukelson 
Thursday, 05 November 2009 


Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center announced today that it has received six (6) CIGNA quality designations and one (1) Centers of Excellence designations for 2009. These quality designations mean that Sierra Vista has met rigorous quality criteria based on nationally recognized medical standards and expert advice. The Center of Excellence designations mean that the hospital met CIGNA’s highest standards for quality and efficiency.

Sierra Vista Regional Medica Center received the following designations:  

·        Spinal Fusion (CIGNA Center of Excellence)

·        Caesarean Section

·        Adult Craniotomy

·        Disc Surgery

·        Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal

·        Total Hip Replacement

·        Vaginal Delivery 

“These designations provide evidence of our hospital’s commitment to providing high quality care,” said Candace L. Markwith, Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center Chief Executive Officer.  “Such recognitions demonstrate that we deliver care that exceeds nationally recognized standards for these conditions. I am very proud of our staff and physicians for this well-deserved recognition of their continued dedication to providing high quality care to our patients.” 

The CIGNA designations are based on the hospital’s effectiveness in treating the selected condition or performing the procedure. The designations are based in part of a hospital’s CMS Hospital Compare measures, Leapfrog Patient Safety Measures, mortality and complication rates.