A Community Partner 

Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center is committed to providing quality patient care to our community of San Luis Obispo. As part of an investor-owned hospital system, Sierra Vista pays more than $1.2 million in local taxes that go toward the improvement of local infrastructure and community programs.

Our hospital takes the complex issues facing uninsured patients very seriously. As such, Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center has adopted Tenet's Compact with Uninsured Patients policy. The program offers discount rates to all uninsured patients who receive treatment at our hospital, regardless of their income level.

Patient Statistics
Admitted 5,839
Delivered 1,275
ER Patients  19,948
Inpatient Surgeries  2,312
Outpatient Surgeries  1,433 
Local Taxes
Property Taxes $588,793 
Sales Taxes   $632,170 
Total Local Taxes  $1,220,930 
Economic Impact
Total Employees 706
Salaries/Wages/Benefits  $62,147,237 
Capital Funds Reinvested  $1,303,312 
Total Economic Impact  $63,450,548 
Charity & Discounted Care
Charity Care $5,078,348 
Discounted to the Uninsured  $6,633,090 

 *Numbers reflect 2011 data