Patient and Visitor Parking Areas
These areas are located in front of the hospital and are clearly designated. The parking structure located at 21 Casa Street is also open for use by all patients, visitors and staff. Validation is required to exit the structure and can be obtained from one of two kiosks located in the main and outpatient lobbies. Patients and visitors should use the front entrance to the hospital.
Handicapped Parking Areas
These areas are clearly designated both in front of the hospital and in the Casa Street parking structure. Please be considerate of these areas.
Patient Drop-Off & Pick-Up
Directly in front of the hospital is for patient pick-up and drop-off only. Do not park in this area until the patient you are transporting is ready to leave.
Emergency Room Parking
This area is for emergency room patients only. Family and visitors of patients should NOT use the emergency parking area or the emergency entrance for everyday use.
Parking regulations are strictly enforced and illegally parked cars are subject to immediate towing.