Patient Accommodations 

At Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, we understand that a hospital stay can be unexpected and at times, frightening. Our goal is to make our patients' stay as comfortable as possible. If at anytime you feel as though we are not meeting your needs, please call the nursing supervisor at 546-7818.

Your privacy is important to us and we want you to feel comfortable while at our Hospital. Information about our Privacy Practices is available from the Admissions Staff or from the Privacy Officer. To make sure only those you approve have access to your private medical information, we ask that you work with your nurse to develop a code to identify your family and friends when they call for updates. If you are assigned to a double room, we have bedside curtains to help increase your privacy and that of others sharing the same room. At times, out of respect to the privacy rights of our patients, your family and visitors may be asked to step outside the room for a short period of time. We apologize if this creates any inconvenience, but putting the privacy rights of each and every patient first is a priority for us at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.
We offer a variety of private and semi-private rooms. Patient rooms are equipped with bathrooms, telephones, color televisions, central heating/air conditioning, oxygen and other support items.
Telephones are in all patient rooms. To call a local phone number, dial '9' and the number you wish to call. To place a long distance call, dial '900' to reach an operator. All long distance calls must be charged to your home phone or credit card.  Incoming calls may be dialed directly to the room by calling (805) 546-7601, followed by the room extension. Room extensions are listed on the handset of the telephone.
Cell Phones
Cell phone use is restricted in some areas of the hospital as electromagnetic interference in the hospital environment can cause some medical devices to malfunction and pose a significant risk to patient safety.  Please ask a nurse for assistance.
Mail is delivered Monday-Saturday by hospital volunteers. Letters that arrive after a patient has gone home will be forwarded to the patient's house. Outgoing mail may be left at the nurses' station or given to a hospital volunteer.
Sierra Vista has access to 24-hour interpreter services for a number of foreign languages. Interpreters available through these services are trained in medical interpretation. To protect patient privacy and to ensure adequate translation of complex medical terms, we ask that family members and friends not act as interpreters.