Birth Center in San Luis Obispo, CA

Welcoming a new addition to the family is one of the most special events in life. At Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center’s Birth Center, our goal is always to maintain safe, healthy deliveries while keeping you, your baby and your family and friends comfortable and informed. Sierra Vista has helped deliver more than 40,000 babies over the last 50 years and offers expertise in low- and high-risk situations. Whether you choose natural childbirth or need medical intervention, we are here to support you through the labor process.

Our birthing center is designed for comfort and convenience. You’ll have access to a private, fully equipped room for labor and delivery, featuring a flat screen television, wireless Internet and a sleeper chair for your partner or coach. Afterward, you’ll be able to recover in one of our new private recovery rooms, where you can have the privacy and space to begin bonding with your baby.

We’re also happy to offer education classes before birth for mom and dad to prepare for the new baby. Our experienced childbirth and lactation specialists help you feel more confident about what to expect for childbirth and parenting.

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Discover why Californians have chosen our comprehensive labor and delivery program for the past 50 years.
Expert care for mothers with health risks, such as diabetes, heart conditions and high blood pressure.
Our Level III NICU provides the highest state-recognized level of care for premature and critically ill babies.
By detecting health problems early, you can start treatment and prevent developmental delays or other problems.
Hydrotherapy at Sierra Vista is available with the Delux Labor Tub.
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