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Every Story Has a Beginning

When you’re pregnant, you learn a lot about what to expect. But no matter what, you know that having your baby is only the beginning of the story. And even though things rarely happen just how you imagined them, there’s no denying: bringing a new life into the world is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever experience. With facilities and technologies designed to provide the greatest care, along with an entire team of specialists devoted to you and your baby, everything we do is dedicated to making your beginning a happy one.

The Birth Center at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center

Welcoming a new baby into the family is one of the most significant events of our lives. The Sierra Vista Birth Center team understands this and provides a family centered approach to maternity care, which means each individual family’s needs and preferences are respected. Patients and families can count on sensitive, compassionate, and highly skilled care from both our nurses and providers to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs during this important time. In addition, our postpartum staff works with you and provides information on self-care, infant care, and parenting skills, so that families feel confident and supported when they go home.

Our nurses and providers recognize that each birth is unique and parents have wishes and plans for the birth of their baby. We will support and guide you through your birth and with your input, help to make your experience as special and memorable as it deserves to be. 


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