Advanced Shoulder Care and Treatment

Your shoulder pain may limit your ability to work, play, and enjoy activities. At Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, our team of Orthopedist and rehabilitation experts will help get you back to your daily life by reducing or eliminating your stiffness and pain. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. Due to this flexibility, it is not very stable and is easily injured.

We offer:

  • Advanced diagnostic imaging to diagnose the problem
  • Medical and surgical treatments for injuries and conditions
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation program

Shoulder conditions, and the resulting pain, are caused by overuse. At Sierra Vista, we give you access to advanced technology and the team you need to restore shoulder function.

Treatment usually begins with pain management, rehabilitation and physical therapy. Using advanced imaging technology, our physicians can provide an accurate diagnosis to develop a customized treatment plan for you. If you do require surgery, we have experts who can help restore your shoulder.

Common Shoulder Injuries

Whether throwing a ball while playing a sport, lifting boxes, or mowing the lawn, we rely heavily on our shoulders to perform a wide range of daily activities.

Shoulder instability

Shoulder instability happens most often in young people and athletes. When muscles and ligaments that hold it together are stretched beyond their normal limits, the shoulder becomes unstable. For younger people, this condition may be a normal part of growth and development. Shoulders often stiffen or tighten with age.

A shoulder separation, or sprain, happens when the ligaments that hold the clavicle to the roof of the shoulder tear. If this happens, the clavicle is pushed out of place and forms a bump at the top of the shoulder. Sprains often happen during a fall, when your hand or arm is outstretched to stop the fall, or when you fall on a hard surface. Treatment depends on the severity of the sprain.

Shoulder Dislocation

If the ligaments holding the shoulder muscles to bones tear and can't hold the joint together, the shoulder is dislocated. There are several things that can cause a shoulder dislocation including falling onto an outstretched hand, arm or the shoulder itself, or a violent twisting that causes a shoulder dislocation. The main symptom of a dislocation is pain in the shoulder that worsen with movement. A dislocated shoulder needs urgent medical care.

Rotator cuff tear

The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles of the upper arm that allow you to rotate and raise your arm. The muscles are attached to the bones by tendons of the rotator cuff. These tendons allow the muscles to move the arm. If the tendons tear, the humerus can't move as easily in the socket. This makes it hard to move the arm up or away from the body.

Most rotator cuff injuries happen to middle-aged or older adults who already have shoulder problems. They can happen in younger people too who participate in sports that require repetitive movement or put stress to these tendons. Through this process, the tissue or bone in that area becomes misaligned and rubs or chafes.

Torn Rotator cuff symptoms include soreness or tenderness in the shoulder during sue. If you cannot to raise the arm at all, that might indicate a tendon rupture. It may be hard to sleep lying on that side. You may feel pain when pressure is put on the shoulder.

Treatment depends on the severity of the injury. Contact Sierra Vista today for a full evaluation.


A sudden increase in activity can place great stress on the shoulders and lead to a loss of flexibility. This is a common problem in middle age, especially among people who don't exercise regularly, but go out every now and then for an intense sport.

Although painful and inconvenient, overuse problems can often be treated with rest, NSAIDs and stretching exercises. 


Some people get osteoarthritis in the shoulder which causes painful movement. Arthritis happens as the smooth surfaces of the cartilage lining the joint of the shoulder bones are worn away. As the joints start to wear out, and the lining becomes larger. Overuse is the most common cause of osteoarthritis. Treatments for arthritis in the shoulder depend on the severity of pain. 

If you are concerned you have one of these shoulder conditions, contact the Orthopedic Team at Sierra Vista for an evaluation.